21st Century Careers

To build a sustainable Career in the 21st Century, no matter the job or occupation, individuals need not only academic, technical, and professional knowledge, but also a broad set of personal success competencies. These are the capabilities that enable us to deal with the challenges, relationships, transitions, and social systems that make up working life.

The World Economic Forum reports that the 4th Industrial Revolution will cause 7 million job losses by 2020 – mostly admin and office jobs due to automation. Technological advances will however also create 2 million new jobs in the fields of mathematics, computer science, architecture and engineering.

"To become future proof, we therefore need to proactively develop vital 21st Century Competencies."

Why have 21st century competencies become such a focus for educators, parents, employers and policy makers? The world has changed, and the educational experience hasn't kept pace with the demands in a competitive, knowledge-based, technology-driven society. Young Adults (age +/- 18-35) emerge from primarily theory based qualifications and are expected to navigate the ever-changing world of work without having all of the relevant personal success competencies. They need to hit the ground running, be Flexible, take Initiative, lead when necessary, and produce New products and value added Services that may not even exist yet. They must be able to Communicate clearly in a variety of media, Collaborate in diverse teams, make sense of a surge of available Information, master progressive Technologies and find Creative solutions to real-world problems.

Ensuring that the next generation develops these 21st Century Competencies is a pressing international concern and extensive research
has been done to identify which personal success competencies are required for meeting 21st Century challenges.

21st Century Careers Competency Model

21st Century Careers – Competency Model

Forbes (2014) published the following competencies essential to most 21st Century employers in order of importance:

  1. Ability to work in a Team
  2. Ability to make Decisions and Solve Problems
  3. Ability to Plan, organise and prioritise work
  4. Ability to Communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organisation
  5. Ability to obtain and process Information
  6. Ability to Analyse quantitative data
  7. Technical knowledge related to the job
  8. Proficiency with computer software programmes
  9. Ability to create and/or edit written reports
  10. Ability to Influence and guide others.

Our Interventions
are based on the vital 21st century competencies
as depicted in our competency model

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What We Do

Through individual coaching and small group workshops we provide Personal Growth
and Career Development interventions aligned to 21st Century workplace challenges and opportunities.

Career Readiness Masterclass Workshops

Career Readiness Masterclass Workshops

Our Masterclass Workshop Series equips young adults (age +/- 18-35) with vital 21st Century Competencies to enhance employability and improve Career readiness for the modern workplace.

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Work-Life Competencies Development

Work-Life Competencies Development

Through targeted business consulting we support SMEs to integrate new entrants, graduates, entrepreneurs, first time supervisors and recently promoted managers into the 21st Century world of work.

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Career Readiness & Transition Coaching

Career Readiness & Transition Coaching

Through individual and team coaching we guide you to navigate your Career Web amidst workplace turbulence and Career transition events.

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Longevity & Retirement Preparation

Longevity & Retirement Preparation

Our Longevity & Retirement preparation workshop (with optional individual coaching) offers a sounding board as well as tips, tools and techniques to prepare you for this exciting phase of your life.

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